In 1999, Larios Café revolutionized the capital’s night life.

The opening produced a change in the mentality of Madrid clubbers thanks to this unique, cosmopolitan space that combines restaurant, cocktail-bar and discotheque, with the best musical offer in the city.

Tomás Alía’s innovative design, recognized architect e interior designer, obtained the Nacional Interior Architecture Prize in 2000.

And now, 18 years after, has returned to embrace this new project, that already offers a renovated and actual look, keeping the essence obtained in its origins.

One place

Larios Café is a Pioneer as a  multispace. A place with a welcoming atmosphere where good service is a priority.

Five different spaces that suit every occasion: Restaurant, private room. Discotheque, Terrace and Cocktail-bar.


With the Mediterranean culture, again, as the principal link, the Larios Cafe gastronomic proposal is built up by a delicious and tasty selection of dishes that walk between fusion and traditional cuisine. An imaginative and modern culinary project lead by the chef Vicente Ciudad, a stove professional, and with the collaboration of Gon Hierro.

Among his original creations we highlight: “Iberian pork carpaccio with cheese crisp, foie and toasted almonds’cream”, “Boneless and glazed slow baked beef’s rib”, “Captains rice in broth (lobster, monkfish and razor-shells) ” or “Red tuna tartar with avocado , mango and ginger dip” all of them evoking the Mediterranean life style, flavours, ingredients and sensations.


Nights full of flavours and magic touches. Our objective is to offer a sophisticated cocktail menu that satisfies the most exquisite tastes. We invite you to discover a universe of sensations with our different cocktails

In our trips around the world we have collected experiences which we’d love to share with you in Larios Café cocktail-bar.

Visit us and taste our selection of classic and our own recipes for cocktails


If there is an indispensable discotheque in the center of the capital, that is Larios Café disco. The best commercial music: reggaeton, Spanish,british and american pop, latin, funky, R&B, house…

Open Fridays and Saturdays from 1 a.m.

Can you ask for more?


We have several special parties every week


MONDAYS: Latinazo

TUESDAYS: Champagne Club


THURSDAYS: The club and Afterwork

SUNDAYS:  Brunch (coming soon)


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The Bests

Download this document with the information.

Fill in the on line questionnaire or send an email to:

Receive our answer with the agreement according to your preference.

Send the agreement signed together with the deposit receipt.

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If you want to contact us, or you have a question or suggestion,
fill in the questionnaire bellow. We’ll be pleased to get in touch with you.


Sunday to Wednesdays
20:00 to 5:00

Thursdays 20:00 to 5:30

Fridays and Saturdays
20:00 to 6:00


Tuesday to Saturday
20:00 to 1:30



Fridays and Saturdays 1:00 to 6:00

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